How can I request a task to be completed?

  1. Select a Category
  2. Select a sub-category
  3. Answer the series of questions that you see under the sub-category
  4. On posting a job – You will see a screen with all details – Refer screenshot below
  5. Allow Providers to bid on it
  6. Choose the best bid out of it
  7. You can also initiate a chat before confirming one
  8. Provider would update status at each stage
  9.  On completion of the job – You can either pay online or pay by cash which the provider would approve from his panel


What Happens when I confrm a job?

  1. Click on Later Requests Dashboard
  2. You can bid on the job using credits and negotiate with the user on accepting

  3. Once the Job is all confirmed. Below would be the statuses that provider would update

  • Started from Location A
  • Arrived at User’s location B
  • Service started
  • Service completed.

How do I edit or delete a posted job?

  1. Open the Jobs posted
  2. Click on the specific job that you have to delete
  3. Click on Cancel Project